Agnoplay — The Commercial Video Player Overview, Part 1

The players

Focus points

  • Support Platforms
    Is the player everywhere, or just a subset of devices?
  • Feature set
    Having a player is nice, but can they do DRM everywhere? Do they have support for more advanced features like SSAI/DAI or Low Latency streaming?
  • Third Party Integrations
    Doing everything alone might be cool, but you’re nowhere without partners. Which third party integrations does the player have, that make it easy to integrate analytics solutions, recommendations and other aspects?
  • Ease of Use
    One of the important things for any business, is the ease of which they can start using the video player. Do you need a lot of development before the player works as expected? And importantly too, how do you tweak the player in such a way that it fits your brand?
  • Pricing
    In the end what will always matter is the price.


Supported Platforms

Feature set

Third Party Integrations

Ease of Use


Agnoplay Pricing


Closing words



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