I developed an F1TV app for my ‘old’ LG television

The app I built for my LG 2018

Can’t you use F1’s own TV-app?

What does it look like?

Demo of the app on LG 2018 TV

The tech

Frontend: LightningJS

API, Stream & Image Proxy: PHP

Videoplayer: Shakaplayer

Problems and issues I came across

Problem one: accessing F1 APIs

Problem two: logging in require complex cookies

Problem three: streams…

  • HLS
  • MPEG-Dash (Clear)
  • MPEG-Dash (Widevine)

Next steps



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Matthijs Langendijk

Matthijs Langendijk

Developer from the Netherlands. Working as a JavaScript Developer at 24i. www.linkedin.com/in/matthijs-langendijk/