What makes Netflix stand out

When comparing OTT services, we don’t look at Netflix only because of content. Sure, they have a great amount of movies and series that everybody likes. But what else, besides content, makes them stand out? In this blog we will take a look at some of the experiences that Netflix provides. We dive into what makes Netflix stand out — what some of the things are, that make them a success.

Presenting content — the right way

Everybody loves the series Friends. Or at least I do. But I had never thought to watch it, until Netflix showed it to me on my dashboard. I loaded up the application on my phone, and was browsing through suggestions. Now here I am several weeks later, having watched all ten seasons.

What Netflix does really well, is knowing when to push you towards a specific type of content. As soon as Netflix sees, that you have watched a particular episode, they will remember this. Somewhere in the upcoming hours or days — suddenly there it is again. Right there at the top of your dashboard. You had already watched it, and now they want you to watch it again. They make you remember the series you had watched. And they definitely want you to continue.

They understand what you have watched, and when you have watched it. Do you always enjoy your series in the evening? When you launch Netflix around that specific time again — they will show series or movies you can continue watching. Are you launching the app at an unfamiliar time for you? Maybe this is the perfect timing to show you something you have not watched before. Something new and interesting to get you hooked again.

Netflix is constantly updating which content the user sees. And they base this off of a lot of user input. They are adaptive to your behaviour, and try to influence your behaviour with this knowledge. It’s making the user experience dynamic. And it definitely works.

Binge watching made easy and conscious

Have you ever found yourself dosing off during a binge watching marathon? Guess what. Netflix knows. Whenever you watch a bunch of episodes in a row, Netflix will kindly ask you if you are still watching. This making sure you are still paying attention, obviously. It saves resources on their servers, but something more importantly is happening. They keep you aware of the series. Netflix is a company that wants nothing more than you to actively watch their content. This could be for product-placement reasons, for example. But ultimately, they do so to keep you happy. Because happy customer means good results.

Another neat feature that Netflix has introduced, and one of my personal favourites, is the “Skip Intro” button. Whenever you are watching your series of choice, and the next episode starts, Netflix offers you the option to skip the introduction. It makes the viewing experience a lot better. You can skip that pesky introduction whenever you want. They are often the same anyways, so users will not want to watch it time after time after time. Yes, it might take some time to get this implemented in each episode. But it is one of those widely loved features, that makes Netflix stand just a bit above the rest.

They are everywhere

Let’s play a little game. I will give you five minutes to think about it, okay? I want you to name all of the devices where Netflix does not have an application available. Are you ready? Set. Go!

I am really curious if you could come up with any device that does not have the Netflix application available. Netflix is everywhere. Their users can find them on literally any mobile phone, television or browser. If you want your OTT service to be widely used by your users, you have to be present. You have to be available everywhere. How can users make use of your OTT application, if you are not on their device of choice?

Don’t be Netflix

Who’d have thought that the final advice is to not follow anything I have just said. Well, that’s not entirely true. You can still do what Netflix does. Some of the features they have, are really awesome. And users will love you for having them. But, by all means, don’t be Netflix.

You are not Netflix and you never will be. You are your own brand. And you should work towards making your own brand better. While some of the mentioned features will help, there is more needed to become ‘like’ Netflix. You have to be recognisable. If all you are is a Netflix clone, then what are you really?

We can help you find and be yourself

I hope I didn’t scare you with the fact that you should not aim to be a Netflix copy. I get it. Netflix is cool and hip and by far the biggest out there. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great place in the OTT environment. You might just need some help in finding what works for you — and more importantly, what works for your customers.

That’s where 24i comes in. We can help you getting your applications onto any screen you need. With all of the features mentioned, and a lot more. From smartphones to websites to televisions, we can help you reach your audience, where ever they are. And by doing so, we can together create an experience that your users will know and love to use.

Does that sound like a good plan? You can reach us at www.24i.com. And together, we can make your OTT service a great success!




Developer from the Netherlands. Working as a JavaScript Developer at 24i. www.linkedin.com/in/matthijs-langendijk/

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Matthijs Langendijk

Matthijs Langendijk

Developer from the Netherlands. Working as a JavaScript Developer at 24i. www.linkedin.com/in/matthijs-langendijk/

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